How to do Nails Without UV/LED Lamp?

How to do nails without uv/led lamp

The fastest way to do nails!

If you don’t have polymerization lamp or you don’t want to use it, the perfect solution how to do nails without UV/LED lamp is DIPPING SYSTEM.

Dipping system is the easiest way to do nails at home.

You don’t need electricity, UV/LED lamp, knowledge about stress zone and apex.

Your nails will be thin and also you can extend them with artificial tips.

What you need for dipping system:

  • powders
  • liquids (base, top, activator and brush restorer)
  • brush for swiping the dust

Here is How to do nails without UV/LED lamp:

Dipping system -step by step:
1- after completing your nail prep, working on one nail at a time, apply a thin coat of Dip Base Coat to 3/4 of the nail. 
2 - quiclky dip itno desired colour jar. Tap off excess and repeat step 1 and 2. Do not overload product. Dip into jar at a 45-degree angle and avoid wiggling the finger.
3 - apply Dip activator.
4 - follow with a layer of dip base coat to seal the nail and allow to dry.
Dipping system STEP BY STEP
Dipping System - step by step.
5 - Smooth and refine the surface with 100/180 buffer.
6 - apply Dip Activatior on all nails and wait 20 seconds.
7- apply two coats of Dip Top Coat to seal and create a high shine.
8 - Let nails dry for 5 minutes and apply Nourish cuticle oil.
Dipping system STEP BY STEP

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